Hi Parents!
Are you looking for an Activity to Boost your Child’s Physical and Mental Health?
Introducing the SUPER KID CHALLENGE 💪
The Super Kid Challenge takes your child on a JOURNEY 🗾where they will become more Focused, Confident and an Action Taker 🚀 while having FUN and learning Life Skills through our Award Winning Kids Martial Arts program 🥋
During this program they will learn;
✅ High Performing Habits so that home work and chores are done on time
✅ Developing a positive mindset so they NEVER use the word I’CANT
✅ Overcoming their Fears so they try new activities and experiences in life
✅ Mapping out their goals so they will achieve whatever they desire in life
They will also learn Martial Arts techniques that will…
🌟 Develop their SELF DISCIPLINE so they do things without being told
🌟 Teach them SELF-DEFENSE so they feel confident when confronted by Bullies or Peer Pressure
🌟 Make them HEALTHIER AND STRONGER which will help them in their Growth Development Stages
🌟 Teach them LIFE SKILLS so they can excel in School and in Life
This challenge is not about the result BUT more about what your child will BECOME 💪 through this JOURNEY.
At the end of this challenge they will be able to tackle any task they face with a positive mindset without giving up…they will transform into the “ULTIMATE ACTION TAKER” 🚀
So what are you waiting for?
Click the link below and join the SUPER KID CHALLENGE today!